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(English info) III European Congress Against Poverty and Social Exclusion

On the 25th & 26th of October, EAPN Spain organizes the "III European Congress Against Poverty and Social Exclusion", in Madrid -Impact Hub Piamonte, Calle Piamonte 23-.

Registration required:

  • A live streaming will be also provided, please select the preferred option (ONLINE or ON-SITE attendance) in the field "Modalidad de asistencia".
  • If you do not live in Spain, please select “OTRA”, in the following fields: “Seleccionar Provincia” & “Seleccionar Localidad”. 
  • A Spanish / English interpretation service will be provided. 

The III Congress aims to analyse the challenges for the Social Europe, considering the impact of Russian invasion of Ukraine and the socio-economic consequences brought by the COVID-19 pandemic across the EU. And to discuss the approaches, proposals and/or models that should guide efforts in the fight against poverty and social exclusion at national and EU level, and the role of the Third Sector in decision-making processes related to public policies.

The III Congress will debate how to get transformative policies that can deliver real results for poverty and social rights, both at European and national level. 

The III Congress is part of the "Foro Anual Europeo contra la Pobreza, la Desigualdad y la Exclusión Social: atajar la pobreza para fortalecer Europa", organized by EAPN Spain in 2022 in order to contribute to the analysis of the results and impact of European social policies and its adaptation in Spain.